Monday, 23 January 2012

Breakfast in Bed

Mudder made me my breakfast but forgot to say the magic word that means I can eat it, and went for a shower instead!  By the time she came downstairs I was drowning in a pool of drool, but I was a good boy and hadn't touched my bowl.

Then Farter made his Weetabix and left it on the worktop to soak before heading off for his shower.  When he came down his bowl was empty.  Mm I wonder why?

I do enjoy breakfast in bed.


  1. I shall get my revenge, little dog! Next time you're in a 'wait' for your dinner I shall simply butt in and scoff it up as payback! It may taste a little dry and put me off biscuits for ever but, my, how my coat will shine!
    Back off, puppy - and step away from the Weetabix!

  2. Uncle BMF - am really sure you won't like it - but I'll come over and do it for you