Wednesday, 25 January 2012

So Near, but yet So Far

I love to eat fish, but I don't like water.  I'd love to eat ducks, but I can't reach them cause I won't go in the water.

My mate Ziggy loves water, and when he was here he gave me the confidence to take a few tentative steps into the cold, wet stuff and play with him, but he's gone back home now and I daren't go in on my own.

Fish, ducks, Ziggy.  All the things I love.  So near but yet so far.  It's ruff being a dog sometimes.


  1. You BIG wuss! Just get on with it :-) once you're in you won't look back!
    And you forgot WEETABIX off the list of things you love.

  2. I hear Derwent water is good at this time of year