Sunday, 12 February 2012

Top of the Class

My Mudder threatened not to take me back to doggie school ever again after I disgraced myself last week.  Oh no!  I love going to meet all my mates.  Ok, so maybe I do get just a teensy bit bouncy and excited, but hey it is so much fun! 

I decided to behave this week so I can keep on going back.  Mudder couldn't believe I was the same dog.  I was calm, placid and I didn't bounce on a single person!  Whilst all the other dogs were playing and bouncing on top of each other, Mudder let me off the lead and I did all my exercises perfectly including:-
  • Sit, wait, then come to Mudder when she called me, and sat nicely at her side
  • Sit, stand and down stays
  • Heelwork around other dogs
  • Retrieve
  • Send away across other side of the hall and lie down when told
  • Roll over
I heard Mudder tell Farter that she will take me back to doggie skool again,  yippee! 


  1. Das hund ist ein farter!!!!! :-)

  2. Like Farter, Like Sohn ;-)