Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rathbones of Keswick

My Farter left his soft wibbly wobbly gloves lying around so I decided to play with them.  They were so much fun.  I could thrown them round the house, then pounce on them, then play fight with them.  

By the time Farter discovered what I was having so much fun with, his gloves had become fingerless and well ventilated.  Uh oh, you guessed it, I was in trouble . . . again!!!

Farter emailed Rathbones of Keswick to ask if they still sold them as he was very upset and wanted another pair.  Mr Rathbone was very understanding and promptly emailed Farter back telling him a new pair were on their way!  

I like Mr Rathbone.  He made Farter very happy AND he also posted a yummy dog biscuit with the gloves just for me!


  1. I like Mr Rathbone too, Max! I hope you enjoy the dog biscuit (which is supposed to keep you away from my gloves!!!!!). X

  2. Oh I can only imagine what was said.