Sunday, 10 June 2012

Prize Winner

Mudder entered me into a doggie talent competition the other week.  There were 10 dogs all performing their acts.  Mudder and me played our game where she walks round eating cake, and without speaking to me I knew when she wanted me to roll over, jump high, sit, stand, lie down, run off, come back, and go fetch her slippers.  You see when Mudder puts cake in her mouth, I watch very closely in case there are any crumbs.  That's when Mudder moves her hand and I know just what she wants me to do.  At the end of the evening the audience votes were counted and it was announced that I had come joint first place with another dog.  We both had to perform again, but second time around Mudder was so stuffed full of cake she couldn't eat any more so the other doggy won overall first place.  See I can be good sometimes, I've got a prize to prove it!