Sunday, 5 August 2012

Remind me AGAIN about Spacial Awareness?

I've been a poorly pup.  I was running really really fast having so much fun, when the next thing I knew I was tangled up in a wire fence.  The nasty fence sliced my dew claw and Mudder had to take me to the hospital. The doggy doctor spoke really nice to me, and then I don't remember what happened next, I seemed to just fall asleep.  

When I woke up I didn't have a dew claw any more, just a funny stump, and I felt really woozy.  Mudder picked me up later on and I slept for two days afterwards in my big comfy bed.  I feel much better now.

A few months ago when I was running, a concrete post appeared out of nowhere and gave me a proper donk on the head and cut my eye.  That was another trip to the doggy doctor.  

Mudder says I've got no spacial awareness.  I don't know what she means but I'm pleased I've not got it because I'm scared of heights and don't want to go into space.

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